Custom Application Development

The goal is to build a successful app. 

Building custom apps is our core service. All our skills are put to use when we work on a project building an app. Our engineers develop, maintain, and extend apps and websites for our customers. A business person comes to us with an idea for some app or service and we put together a technology to build the app according to their vision. 

We have a shared goal with our customer - building a successful application to enable a profitable business.

Apps and Their Users

We build apps for healthcare, education, retail, sports, and other industries. The users of the app are the consumers of the service provided by our customer's business - patients, students, buyers, players, as well as the employees of the company running the service. The number of active users is one of the key measures of success of the app.

The Team

As soon as the customer is ready to begin we assemble a project team. The initial team is usually two software engineers with different specializations, with an UI/UX designer, a business analyst and QA engineer joining as necessary. The customer is also considered a member of the team.

Process and Results

The team and the customer set a goal for a release - a version of the app to be built in the next 2-3 months. Then the app is built incrementally in steps of 1-2 weeks.

Every week the team meets with the customer to discuss the next steps of implementing their idea. The team and the customer figure out what kind of features need to be added to the app to move it forward.

Every feature goes through analysis and planning, development, testing, and acceptance. 

By the end of the week the team delivers a new build of the app to the customer, including

  • Analysis of the problem to be solved - feature description, user flow, graphs, as well as plain verbal explanation
  • Code committed to the customer's repository and owned by the customer from day one
  • The application rolled out in the customer's infrastructure and available to the public (or to a closed audience if needed).

Then the customer can check it out, see how it works and decide what to build next.

The Customer's Vision

The development process provides the customer a lot of flexibility, so they can steer the development in the right direction according to their vision. At the same time it puts a significant responsibility on the customer, as a driver for the whole team.

Usually the application vision undergoes continuous refinement and clarification throughout the development process, relying on user feedback. The team relies on the customer to provide vision, to provide direction, to clarify their ideas when integrating new features to the app.

What We Care about

We put the project owner - the customer - at control. We give the customer honest data about their project. We discuss tough issues without sugar-coating, we give real estimates, we stick to the truth and share our opinion openly.

The goal is to build an app that works and that is easy to use. Our engineers maintain high code quality, so the app is easy to maintain and extend.

We help the customer to grow their app. We assume responsibility for the technical side of the project, so the customer can focus on their business. We contribute as partners that are committed to project success as much as the project owner. The aim is always a successful product launch.


We build apps with industry-proven software technologies, components and services. Our engineers use modern open source libraries and frameworks.

Time and Cost

Depending on team size the development cost is $5-15k per week.

The first release of the app can be ready in three months. Usually after the first release there is a second release in another three months, and so on.

What's Next?

Contact us - let's talk about your project idea.