Software Project Takeover

Krononsoft is a company of software developers. We develop and maintain software systems.

What We Do

We take over software projects that have already been developed to a certain point. Our approach to inherited projects allows us to join any development team, become proficient in any unique custom codebase within a short timeframe, and make the project better.

Quick Launch

If the customer has an app code ready or almost ready, but the project is not released to the public, we can roll the project out, and make it available online. As a result, potential visitors will be able to discover the application and start using it.

Team Augmentation

Our team can help with solving special challenges the current development team does not have resources for. We can join the team to help clean up the backlog or simply speed up the development process. When joining the development team, we provide a solution based on our experience from past projects.

Project Takeover

Taking over a unique custom project is often challenging. Many software developers would prefer to sell the customer “the big rewrite” instead of dealing with a custom code written by another team. They might name the whole lot of reasons for the rewrite. One of the possible reasons we often hear about is a “wrong” technology.

From our experience, technology is rarely a problem. There are many technologies that can lead the project owner to success in business - but of course a software developer should know how to use it to make the software fast, functional, and reliable.

We have experience in the majority of mainstream technologies, so we are keen to join any project and do the job in the current stack. Our knowledge and special approach to coding allows us to make any project live, functional and scalable regardless of the technology it is developed in.

Our Approach to Clients

There are software applications that solve certain tasks for a certain group of people. And there are people who use these applications. The owners of such applications have done a lot of work - identified the problem, found a solution for this problem, and attracted real users. It's a long way.

We have the great respect for projects that proved their worth for the users. The value that it brings to users is the core of the application. Bearing this in mind, we make changes to the code very carefully so as not to harm relationships with the current app users.

Starting Point

Application owners contact us in the cases when:

  • it is not possible to keep the existing development team for organizational or technical reasons,
  • the existing development team needs help to cope with the volume of tasks on the project,
  • it is necessary to make changes to the technological stack of the project.

To start taking over the software system, first we need to know the project - what the main idea of the project is, what project's goals are, what it offers users, the way it brings value to all its users, what the project owner wants it to be.

The best way to understand all mentioned above is to perform some small tasks on the project. For example, it may be adding a new screen to display some statistics, or changing some elements in the navigation menu. Thus we validate the understanding of the project with the customer.

The first step the customer should take is to simply contact us.