Urgent Help

Whenever you need urgent help from software engineers, our application rescue team is around!

It happens that owners of software products need help with their codebase, or infrastructure, or deployment tools and need it fast. Our special software emergency care department that consists of senior engineers with various skill sets is ready to jump in and solve the problem.

When You May Need Our Help

  1. The code is developed but is not working according to the specification. Our developer will perform a code review, explain the nature of the inconsistencies to the customer, suggest a solution that takes into account the time constraints, and apply the adjustments.
  2. The code has been developed but not deployed to any server. Our engineer will check the code, pick the right server instance on the right hosting, set up suitable deployment tools, and roll the app out. As a result, you will get full deployment infrastructure as well as changes in the code.
  3. The app is live but is slow or has memory leaks. Our engineer will analyze the code, find the memory leaks, present the scope of work required to make the project faster, and will make it actually faster.
  4. You have software with third-party services that have stopped working and you need someone who can come to the rescue. We can.
  5. You have a code base or a live project, but the quality is so poor that you just need someone who can take charge and make it fine. We will.
  6. You have a project launch scheduled in a few weeks and it is just not ready! That is terrible. Drop us a line - we will do our best to help you.

What Projects We Can Handle

In short, web and mobile applications designed for entertainment or for business. We have a long list of technologies we work with.

How You Can Get Our Help

The actions are very simple.

  1. Tell us about the level of urgency in your project via “Contact Us” form.
  2. Our representative will get back to you and schedule a call as soon as possible. We will make sure the suitable engineer will be on that call.
  3. Give us access to your code and the infrastructure.
  4. The engineers will start dealing with the problem right after they have everything they need and have your approval.

Looking forward to hearing from you!